Rock & Roll Jade Facial Roller

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Who's in need of a spectacular solo spa night?! Sometimes ladies just need a bath...and an evening to ourselves! This jade roller will be your crowning jewel! You'll love the classy and extravagant look as well as how much it soothes and refreshes your skin! This facial roller is the best natural way to help fight aging and promote bright, healthy skin!

Jade Stones + Metal Material
Encourages Drainage To Reduce Puffiness, Bags, & Dark Circles
Reduces Tension & Stress In The Face & Jaw
Keeps Skin Firm
Encourages Elasticity
Helps Fight Aging
Big Roller For All Over Face
Small Roller For Under Eyes

How To Use:
*Keep Roller Refrigerated For A Nice Cooling Effect*
-Use the larger stone in slow, singular upward motions. This will help lift the cheeks, chin, and forehead. The smaller stone is best used for the under eye area and around the nose. Use slow, singular upward and outward motions.