Flower Child Shades

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Sunglasses are entirely necessary for the wintertime too! In fact, the sun can be more damaging to your skin and eyes during the cold months because we tend not to notice it as much! These hexagon-shaped shades are the way to go this season! They are so stylish and modern while still offering all the protection you'll need and love!

Hexagon Shaped
Blocks UVA & UVB
One Size Fits Most

Style 1: Black
Style 2: Tortoise
Style 3: Orange
Style 4: Silver

To complete this costume as a (flower child), consider pairing this (top) with the
- Sassy Swirl Tie Dye Tee In Hot Pink
- Sassy Swirl Tie Dye Tee In Gray
- Get Your Groove On Velvet Bell Bottoms
- The Big Swirl Maxi Dress